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Early symptoms of baclofen withdrawal may include return of baseline spasticity, pruritus, hypotension, and paresthesias.

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Taking baclon with oth dugs that mak you slpy slow you bathing can caus dangous sid cts dath. Ask you doctbtaking a slping pill, nacotic pain mdicin, psciption cough mdicin, a muscl lax, mdicin anxity, dpssion, sizus.

Baclon tablts a usul th allviation signs and symptoms spasticity sulting om multipl sclosis, paticulaly th li lxspasms and concomitant pain, clonus, and muscula igidity.

Abupt Dug Withdawal: Hallucinations and sizus hav occud on abupt withdawal baclon. Tho, xcpt sious advs actions, th dos should b ducd slowly whn th dug is discontinud. Impaid nal unction: Bcaus baclon is pimaily xctd unchangd though th kidnys, it should b givn with caution, and it may b ncssay tduc th dosag. Stok: Baclon has not signiicantly bnitd patints with stok. Ths patints hav alsshown potolability tth dug. Pgnancy: Baclon has bn shown tincas th incidnc omphalocls (vntal hnias) in tuss ats givn appoximatly 13 tims th maximum dos commndd human us, at a dos which causd signiicant ductions in ood intak and wight gain in dams. This abnomality was not sn in mic abbits.

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