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Word got outand pharmaceutical companies moved inhoping to isolate hoodia’s appetite-suppressing property and turn it into a billion-dollar drug to control the raging obesity epidemic.

But let me tell youit does have side effectsThe most common is a stickydry mouthfollowed by some suspected damage to the liver in the long run and lastlythe risk of seriously depriving the body of energyThese side effects are due to some of its constituentswhich are difficult to remove while processingStillsince hoodia products are herbal and most of its preparations do not contain harmful synthetic chemicals or stimulantsthey are safer than most of the weight loss drugs available in the market that put stress on the heart and metabolism.

Hoodia Gordonii is a true gift of nature that promotes weight lossBeing overweight and obeseas well as having diabetes and related problemshas taken over the world like a disastrous epidemic over the last few decades and people are ready to do just about anything to get rid of these problemsThis started an endless search for natural productssynthetic medicinesand diet plans that could help people lose weightIt is one of the most promising finds in this endless search.

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